Tape Rolls by the Tube

Our Multicut Hospital Tube are available in 7 different widths and also in an assortment tube.  Hy-Tape is durable, yet flexible, so it’s perfect for extended wear while it gently accommodates underlying tissue shifts. It saves time by eliminating the need for skin prep and dramatically reducing the need for dressing changes for wound care, plastic surgery […]

Hy-Tape Adhesive Patches

Hy-Tape Adhesive Patches have all the same great qualities as our traditional rolls, but are designed to cover a large area.

Hy-Tape Pre-Cut Strips

Hy-Tape Pre-Cut Strips are 1.25” x 6” pre-cut, single use tape strip to expedite any taping application. Great for anyone who has trouble pick starting a roll or for those who want the convenience of carrying a thin self contained strip of tape. The strips come in packs of 4. Each box contains 25 packs of […]