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Latex Free Zinc Oxide Based Waterproof Secure Adhesion Easy Removal

Take Action Against The Worst Wounds

When your battle is against infection and blood loss in the field, time is of the essence. Hy•Tact comes to the rescue, with grab-and-go pre-cut surgical tape patches that quickly make wound dressings completely occlusive and protects the area from the elements.

Making emergency bandaging faster and easier.

Hy•Tact is thin, elastic, and washable Hy•Tact offers exceptional flexibility, conforming automatically to body contours. It features a soothing zinc oxide, latex free based adhesive and removes easily for maximum comfort.

Discover how Hy•Tact has you covered in the toughest situations.

Possible Applications Include:

  • Field & Wound Dressings
  • Securing Tubes
  • Securing Devices

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Hytact - zinc oxide based wound dressing