Latex Free Zinc Oxide Based Waterproof Secure Adhesion Easy Removal UPF 50+

The Original Pink Tape®

For more than seven decades Hy-Tape International has been a leader in surgical adhesives. Providing you with the highest quality, most reliable and gentlest surgical tape on the market is the goal of every Hy-Tape employee.

Hy-Tape® is durable, yet flexible, so it’s perfect for extended wear while it gently accommodates underlying tissue shifts. It saves time, reduces costs, and thanks to the soothing qualities of our adhesive, gives patients an unmatched level of comfort.

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Unique Qualities For A Full Range Of Applications

Hy-Tape® is designed to perform in critical situations. The gentle zinc oxide adhesive holds tight but releases gently protecting delicate skin. Hy-Tape actually resists moisture, conforms to body contours and adheres firmly to oily and hairy skin. And, most importantly, it won’t break down over time, so skin remains intact promoting faster healing and reducing infection.

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Applications, Information, and Innovations

Ostomy: Live Your Life

Having an Ostomy doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy swimming, exercise and daily life. Learn why ostomy patients can rely on Hy-Tape.

Wound Care: Skin Friendly & Washable

The zinc oxide-based adhesive is soothing to delicate skin, and removes with minimum trauma, thereby reducing the chance of skin tears and tape burns.  Learn why medical professionals love Hy-Tape.

Long Term Care: Gentle & Non-Reactive

Long-term care demands a surgical tape that removes with minimal trauma, thereby reducing the chance of skin tears, tape burns, scarring.  Read more about Hy-Tapes gentle, non-reactive qualities.

Dermatology: Releases Easy & UPF 50+

Hy-Tape is a UPF 50+ rated surgical tape with a zinc oxide based adhesive so it removes with minimal trauma.  Learn how Hy-Tape keeps devices and dressings secure with less changing and irritation.

Plastic Surgery: For Delicate Skin

Hy-Tape is durable, flexible and gently accommodates underlying tissue shifts. Doctors and Nurses prefer the waterproof, latex free qualities of Hy-Tape above all others.  Learn more about Plastic Sugery Surgical Tape

Neonatal: Suited for Tender New Skin

Hy-Tape’s zinc oxide based adhesive soothes the skin, aids in the reduction of epidermal stripping and reduces the risk of other injuries.  Learn more about how our unique qualities are suited for Neonates.

Anesthesia: Gently Stabilizing Tubes & Lines

Hy-Tape adheres firmly to both skin and devices without damaging delicate skin.  Learn more about how we have served Anesthesiologists over the years.

Single-Patient Tape Rolls: Infection Control

In times when bacterial transmission and contamination is a risk, medical professionals can rely on Hy-Tape Single Use Rolls.  Learn more about how Hy-Tape is helping in the fight against infection.

Hy-Tact: Your Shield In The Field

Hy-Tact When your battle is against infection and blood loss in the field, time is of the essence.  Discover how Hy-Tact has you covered in the toughest situations.