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The Highest Quality, Most Reliable, Gentlest Surgical Tape of its Kind on the Market

• UPF 50+ Scar Protection from the Sun
• A Gentle Hold for Tubes & Devices
• Provides Security for Ostomy Patients
• Secures Dressings & Hydrocolloids
• Skin Friendly & Washable
• Gentle & Non-Reactive Latex Free Formula

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Like You, Hy-Tape’s Not Fazed by Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Waterproof, Latex Free, Tape Designed for Sensitive Skin
Long-term dressings and hard to tape areas require a medical tape that withstands secretions, oils, and moisture that can cause adhesive breakdown. Hy-Tape’s zinc-oxide based adhesive reduces skin irritation during repeat dressing changes and prevents leaks while swimming or bathing.

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The Waterproof Latex Free Tape Parents & Caregivers Trust

Nurse Approved Non-Reactive Zinc Based Formula
Hy-Tape is a unique waterproof and washable tape, especially suited for the tender skin of a neonate. It remains intact in the presence of moisture and its thin conforming profile is perfect for hard to tape areas and resists curling.

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Prevent Skin Complications

Choose a Waterproof, Zinc-Oxide Tape for Your Active Lifestyle
Stomas can cause difficulties by negatively impacting a patients quality of life. Leaks & overly aggressive tape coupled with sensitive skin can be a problem. Hy-Tape is the solution.

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