Hy-Tape for Anesthesiologists

A Thin, Conforming, Skin Friendly Option for Stabilizing Tubes & Lines

Skin. It’s a patient’s first defense against bacterial invasion, infection and disease. For the very young and the very old, skin is at its most vulnerable when subjected to repeated IV, endotracheal tube and epidural catheter securing and replacement. Conventional surgical tapes can traumatize skin.

Hy-Tape, on the other hand, is designed to protect the skin during removal and reapplication of these devices. Although no skin prep is required for application, skin must be initially clean & oil free. Hy-Tape will then remain in place in the presence of drainage, perspiration, humidity, and oily skin. It’s thin and flexible, conforms to body contours, and remarkably, it’s just as easily removed from sensitive skin. Hy-Tape is Latex-free, zinc oxide based and non-allergenic. Most importantly, it won’t break down over time, so skin remains intact and healthy.

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