Hy-Tape & Dermatology

Providing Patients Flexibility, Protection From The Sun And A Gentle Release

Dermatology requires skilled hands and a caring touch. Hy-Tape is a UPF 50+ rated surgical tape with a zinc oxide based adhesive so it removes with minimal trauma, thereby reducing the chance of skin tears, tape burns, scarring and will with-stand the bodily secretions, oils, moisture and hair that can cause adhesive breakdown. Tape curl, adhesion loss and dressing failure is the result. Skin irritation and patient discomfort is the byproduct.

Hy-Tape is durable, flexible and gently accommodates underlying tissue shifts. Although skin prep is not recommended for application, skin must be initially clean & oil free. Our latex free tape will then remain in place in the presence of drainage, perspiration, humidity, and oily skin. It’s thin and flexible, conforms to body contours, and remarkably, it’s just as easily removed from sensitive post-operative skin.

Procedures and applications in which Hy-Tape is applied include endotracheal tubes, intravenous therapy, wound dressings, and general care in areas where moisture and sensitive skin may be a concern.

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