Hy-Tape & Fecal Incontinence Collector

Fecal collection pouches can be used successfully to manage bowel incontinence. However, the secure attachment of the pouch is critical to contain stool and save the skin. Effective adherence to the perianal region often requires an additional adhesive surface due to the limited area of skin available for applying this type of device. The barrier and adhesive borders available for skin contact are limited which often reduces wearing time.

Hy-Tape protects skin from moisture and the zinc oxide based adhesive is soothing to delicate skin and helps to keep skin intact and healthy. Hy-Tape is thin, conforming, will not roll on the edges and adheres even under adverse conditions when skin in initially clean & oil free. Our tape is completely washable, can be wiped clean with soap and water, and because of this appliance can remain in tact longer thereby decreasing costs.

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