Made in the USA
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Latex Free Zinc Oxide Based Waterproof Secure Adhesion Easy Removal

Unique Qualities For A Full Range Of Applications

Hy-Tape® is designed to perform in critical situations. The gentle zinc oxide adhesive holds tight but releases gently protecting delicate skin. Hy-Tape actually resists moisture, conforms to body contours and adheres firmly to oily and hairy skin. And, most importantly, it won't break down over time, so skin remains intact promoting faster healing and reducing infection.

The Original Pink Tape ® Made in the U.S.A.

For more than five decades Hy-Tape International has been a leader in surgical adhesives. Providing you with the highest quality, most reliable and gentlest surgical tape on the market is the goal of every Hy-Tape employee.

Take Action Against The Worst Wounds

When your battle is against infection and blood loss in the field, time is of the essence. Hy•Tact comes to the rescue, with grab-and-go pre-cut surgical tape patches that quickly make wound dressings completely occlusive and protects the area from the elements.