Securing Hydrocolloid Dressings

Hydrcolloid dressings require a tape that is occlusive and can stand up to external fluids and contaminants. Our Hy-Tape rolls and Pre-Cut Strips are great for picture framing dressings and our Hy-Tape Patches can make the entire dressing occlusive.

This level of protection not only keeps sensitive areas clean, but allows the dressing to stay clean thanks to Hy-Tapes unique qualities. When covered with a Hy-Tape Patch, the entire area can be washed with soap and water without compromising adhesion or the dressing beneath. Hy-Tape is Latex-free, zinc oxide based and non-allergenic. Most importantly, it won’t break down over time, so surrounding skin remains healthy and unaffected by incontinence.

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Securing Wound Dressings:
Making Dressings More Secure, More Effective, & Longer Lasting

Securement Strategies for Difficult to Dress Areas:
Reducing costs, improving outcomes, and preventing moisture-associated skin damage and other complications

Wear Time:
Addressing Factors That Impact Long-Term Dressing Application

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