Hy-Tape for Wound Care

Make Dressings & Devices Secure, More Effective & Last Longer Without Compromising The Skin

Our skin friendly zinc oxide-based adhesive is soothing to delicate skin, and removes with minimum trauma, thereby reducing the chance of skin tears and tape burns. Hy-Tape eliminates the need for skin prep, and its thermal adhesion properties provide maximum adhesion at body temperature without becoming more aggressive as acrylic-based adhesive tapes do. Hy-Tape is perfect for extended-wear adhering securely to wet, oily or hairy skin. It removes easily without discomfort or irritation, leaving little or no residue. With Hy-Tape, skin stays healthy and intact.

Hy-Tape is waterproof, so it is not affected by drainage fluids, urine, feces, or other liquids that might normally compromise the integrity of the dressing. Nurses and caregivers can feel confident that when framing or covering dressings with Hy-Tape the result will be reduced corner peeling and longer lasting dressings.

Despite its ability to stay secure even in the most trying circumstances, Hy-Tape’s zinc-oxide based adhesive is gentle and easily removed reducing skin tears.

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Securing Wound Dressings:
Making Dressings More Secure, More Effective, & Longer Lasting

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Reducing costs, improving outcomes, and preventing moisture-associated skin damage and other complications

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Addressing Factors That Impact Long-Term Dressing Application

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