Snorkeling & Scuba Diving with an Ileostomy

An ileostomy should not prevent you from snorkeling or scuba diving. With the correct materials and some planning a day at the beach can be issue free and fun. That being said, everyone is different. A pouch may adhere differently from person to person, but the many product manufacturers do take water into consideration when […]

Peristomal Skin Issues & Ostomy Care

Peristomal Skin Complications Stomas can lower a patients’ ability to stay active and their overall quality of life; peristomal skin issues in particular can be problematic and lead to discomfort and complications. Many skin complications arise from insecure, sensitizing or damaging medical adhesives. In order to prevent peristomal skin complications, it is critical that healthcare […]

After Colon Cancer Surgery: How To Live With an Ostomy

As you discuss colon cancer treatment with your colorectal surgeon, one important topic that you may need to bring up is whether you will need an ostomy. Some people quickly adapt to an ostomy while others require additional time and support. In any case, knowing whether you will require an ostomy before the procedure can […]

Crohn’s Disease and Ostomy Management: Supporting Patient Education

Because ostomy surgical procedures are increasingly performed each year for Crohn’s disease, a growing number of patients must contend with the challenges of stoma management. However, with guidance from a health care professional on pouch emptying, skin care, and appliance securement, as well as stressing the importance of compliance with an ostomy management regimen, stoma […]

Peristomal Skin: Management and Prevention of Complications

As stomas become increasingly prevalent, it is critical that health care professionals understand the importance of skin care best practices to prevent peristomal skin complications. These complications, which include dermatitis, infection, trauma, and pressure injury, can have a significant impact on both quality of life and health care costs. Effective peristomal skin management using current […]

Ostomy Care: Preventing Skin Irritation Around the Stoma

One of the more common issues that ostomates face is skin irritation. While it is annoying and often times itchy or painful, it is also preventable and manageable. Remembering that your skin is under stress from adhesives, abrasion, and various chemicals is paramount. We’ve done our best to collect information on how to keep your […]

Ostomy Securement & Fluctuating Weather

How Weather Affects An Ostomy With experience comes the knowledge that shifts in seasons, traveling to different regions, and extreme temperature swings can profoundly affect the way you will need to wear and secure your ostomy appliance. Below are some ideas and tips on how to manage your ostomy in hot and cold weather. Summer […]

Preventative Skin Care in Wound & Ostomy Management

Prevention is one of the most important components of wound and ostomy care; by taking a proactive stance, health care professionals can reduce the risk of infection, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. With wounds affecting 35% of all hospice patients and 120,000 new ostomy surgeries performed each year, it is imperative our health care […]