Preventing Skin Reactions to Continuous Glucose Monitors and Insulin Pumps

Preventing Skin Reactions to Glucose Monitors and Pumps Continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps have dramatically changed the way patients manage their diabetes. When these two devices are used together—one to sense blood glucose levels and the other to deliver insulin—they can perform like an artificial pancreas. Continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps also promise […]

Managing Insulin Pump and Insulin Pod Adhesive Allergy

Insulin pumps and pods can help people with diabetes take control of their disease. Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion with or without continuous glucose monitoring provides tight blood glucose control. It lower hemoglobin A1c compared to traditional injection methods. When combined with continuous glucose monitoring, these devices can reduce the risk of hypoglycemia. Unfortunately, there are […]

Exercising with an Insulin Pump or Glucose Monitor

Insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors allow people with diabetes to maintain tight blood glucose control. However, living with these devices can sometimes be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to exercising with an insulin pump. We review the things you need to know when you exercise with an insulin pump or a […]

Insulin Pump Securement: Infusion Set Taping Tips

Keeping your insulin pump cannula or needle in place can be tricky. Exercise, swimming, restrictive clothing, and perspiration can cause some adhesives to fail or slide. Fortunately there are some proven methods of securing your infusion set that are easy. Follow these tips and while some may not work for you, we hope that if […]