Ostomy Securement & Fluctuating Weather

How Weather Affects An Ostomy

With experience comes the knowledge that shifts in seasons, traveling to different regions, and extreme temperature swings can profoundly affect the way you will need to wear and secure your ostomy appliance.

Below are some ideas and tips on how to manage your ostomy in hot and cold weather.

Summer and Hot Weather with an Ostomy

Ostomy Hot WeatherIn the decades that we have been woking along side ostomates we know that hot temperatures lead to the breakdown of skin barriers due to increased preparation and adhesive failure.

  1. In many instances a skin prep can be your worst enemy. The consistencies and viscosity of the skin prep can lead to adhesive failure. A border of thin, conforming tape can secure your appliance and eliminate the need for dependence on your appliances adhesive. When speaking to those with an ostomy, we tell them to not use any skin prep. The zinc oxide in Hy-Tapes adhesive is soothing to the skin.
  2. Leakage is always a concern because of moisture. Hy-Tape is very thin which keeps the tape from curling from friction. The tape stays on when applied to a clean, dry surface. Hy-Tape is also waterproof, so once applied there should be no issue with water seeping in or leakage coming out.
  3. Sweating and overheating can become a problem. Hy-Tape has thermal properties and has the unique quality of providing maximum adhesion when it reaches body temperature. This prevents the tape from getting more aggressive or breaking down over time as some acrylic-based adhesive tapes do.
  4. Dehydration can lead to unhealthy skin. Drinking more fluids will keep your skin happy.

Winter and Cold Weather

ostomy secure cold weatherWhile heat and hot weather is generally the biggest concern for ostomates, cold weather can also create some problems.

With the cold comes dry skin. Dry skin can cause adhesives to become aggressive by increasing their hold. That is why hydration is very important as well as a adhesive that releases gently. As previously stated Hy-Tape has zinc in the adhesive and releases gently.

Some homes may rely on dry heat such as a fireplace or forced air which dries skin out. A possible solution may be a humidifier. Used in moderation a humidifier will create a more comfortable situation for you. Too much humidity can be bad, so moderation is the key.

For over 70 years we’ve provided ostomates with a layer of securing that they can depend on in hot, cold, wet, and dry weather. If you would like to try Hy-Tape for yourself, please click here or call 1-800-248-0101 so we can help determine the best product for you!