Mitigating Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI)

Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI) is a problematic skin condition, that can be caused by the use of medical adhesives in applicable settings. The levels of irritation vary with MARSI  and can range from minor skin redness, swelling and contact dermatitis to skin stripping, tearing and maceration. All of which inhibit proper recovery and healing. Those most susceptible to MARSI include but are not limited to; neonates, elderly, steroid-dependent patients, orthopedic patients, anyone with chronic skin conditions and or underlying medical issues. MARSI can happen to anyone who is consistently using adhesives for their applications so, it’s imperative to recognize those most at risk, as well as the products that can exacerbate these situations. Removal techniques are also to be seriously considered.

The possibility of compromising skin integrity exists when dealing with medical adhesives. How we suggest you combat that issue is with our products.  Hy-Tape’s zinc oxide-based, latex-free adhesive is soothing to delicate skin, and removes easily without causing trauma to the underlying tissue, thereby reducing the chance of skin tears, tape burns and other complications associated with MARSI. MARSI can be substantially reduced with a cumulative effort of topical information and procedural practices. If you would like to try Hy-Tape for yourself, please click here and request a sample.