More about the most gentle, non-reactive, skin friendly surgical tape on the market

Hy-Tape was founded by Eugene Weiss in 1946 to address the need for a gentle, non-reactive and skin friendly surgical tape. From the very beginning Hy-Tape was run with dedication and attention to detail focusing on the end user and emphasizing patient comfort. Moving its headquarters from Manhattan, Washington Heights, then to Yonkers, and now Putnam County New York, Hy-Tape has remained a family business passing control from its founder Eugene to his son Mark, and now to Marks step daughter.  

Throughout the years our mission has always remained the same. To provide the highest quality, most reliable and gentlest surgical tape on the market while maintaining our position in the adhesives market Hy-Tape became latex-free. Our non reactive latex free formula coupled with our unique zinc-oxide based adhesive provides patients doctors and nurses with a tapping solution that addresses allergies, dermatitis, and tape burns.

Markets such as neonatal units, long-term and geriatric care, require a gentle tape that holds firm, yet releases very gently. Medical adhesive related injuries are prevalent in patients with thin or compromised skin. To combat the occurrences of skin tears on patients with thin or sensitive skin, Hy-Tape innovated yet again by introducing thermo-reactive qualities to its tape. This ensures that the adhesive does not continue to become overly aggressive as body temperatures rise or with prolonged wear time. Thus, assuring our tape wont compromise patient skin integrity upon removal. Hy-Tapes adhesive qualities plateau at body temperature and resist breaking down over time saving skin and the need to replace costly dressings.

Besides our rolls of tape offered in 7 different widths, Hy-Tape is available in several different formats. To address the need for quick and convenient taping Hy-Tape introduces pre-cut strips that make bordering a dressing or ostomy quick and easy. Hy-Tape also created an adhesive patch available in two sizes, that can completely cover a dressing making it occlusive so that washing around the wound or dressing can be accomplished, without having to throw out expensive dressings or aggravate the wound.

As cross contamination and infection has become more prevalent, Hy-Tape also created single use rolls which are available in .5” and 1” rolls. This not only ensures that contaminants will not be passed through the tape rolls, but eliminates waste and saves money so that care providers do not need to dispose of full rolls of tape. 

Throughout its long history, Hy-Tape has been and remains customer focused, investing time and efforts to understand the challenges faced by patients and health care providers. Educating and sharing our knowledge has always been a core principle for us. We attend trade shows, work with wound and ostomy clinics, and share relevant news and articles through our website, social platforms, and media partners. By maintaining a constant flow of communication with doctors, nurses and patients, we have always been able to respond by providing the best quality product for each specific need. 

The future is definitely bright. While this last year was been challenging, the quality of our product and our determination to serve the medical community has kept us moving forward. Our focus is, and always will be, on supporting those with sensitivities to adhesives, patients who require long-term taping solutions, and patients who want to live an active lifestyle. Throughout 2021 we will be releasing new articles, videos, and white papers to help educate and inform patients and caregivers of the benefits and innovations we have coming up.

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