Minimize the Appearance of Scars

Protecting Your Scar from the Sun and Elements Will Drastically Reduce its Size, Darkness, and How Pronounced it Could Potentially Be

Scoliosis scar
Actual photo that was sent demonstrating the UPF 50+ sun blocking qualities of Hy-Tape.

Whenever your skin is injured, your body will work to repair the area. Scars have 20% the strength of normal skin. During the bodies repair process it is important to take extra care of the damaged skin in order to aid the body in the process and give your skin its best chance to heal properly. While scars from surgery like knee, elbow, or the removal of melanoma are hard to avoid, scars created by falls, scrapes, and minor injury can easily be cared for at home. This will not only ensure that you do not suffer any types of set-backs like infection, re-opening the wound, or possibly requiring a visit to a plastic surgeon, but also reduce the appearance of the scar. Protection from the sun is paramount. Sunburn will develop exponentially faster & will lead to a dark or pronounced scar.

Our UPF 50+, Zinc Oxide Based Tape is a Great Solution for Covering Scar Tissue and Helping Healing Skin

  • Hy-Tape releases gently to keep skin intact
  • Is thin, conforming, and flexible during exercise or in areas like the knee or elbow
  • Waterproof for swimming or in times of perspiration
  • Requires no skin prep or lotion
  • Does not get aggressive as body temperature rises

It is important to either consult with your doctor, or remember that any tape on a fresh scar or wound has the potential to open up the wound. While Hy-Tape is definitely one of the most gentle tapes on the market, it is designed to stay on. If the area is still very pink/red and freshly healed, we would recommend covering the scarred area with a piece of gauze, then covering it with Hy-Tape to protect it from the sun and outside elements. In some cases our tape may be applied directly to the scar, but again, we would recommend consulting with your physician and being extra careful.

Hy-Tape gives you several options when it comes to covering your scar.

Resources & Applications for Protecting and Minimizing Scars

Here are some examples of the feedback we receive about our tape from users protecting their scars:

A testimonial we received through our Web site:

My young child had scar revision surgery on her cheek, which must be protected for a full year. We constantly reapplied sunscreen, and questioned whether it was providing enough coverage. When I found this product online, I was hopeful… I hoped it was working, and knew without a doubt it provided superior coverage when my child got sunburn on her face. Once we peeled off the tape, I saw all the skin covered by the tape was unharmed. I am so very grateful for this product. It has relieved a lot of stress. It stays on in through swimming, and the entire day, and does not hurt to come off. Thank you!

A testimonial received from Facebook:

Hy-Tape has allowed me to continue living my active lifestyle comfortably and worry free. As an active mother of four, a positive melanoma diagnosis was more than overwhelming. My kids are active, they want to be outdoors and I want to be with and enjoy them. Post a melanoma removal surgery that left me with a three inch long scar on my face, I was frightened into a state of avoiding the sun completely. A friend introduced me to Hy-Tape and all of my fears dissolved. Swimming lessons, park play dates, hiking and gardening were all easily accomplished. Hy-Tape is extremely easy to use. It applies AND removes with ease, it does not pull the skin, it is sweat proof, and with UPF 50 built in is completely sun proof. The best part is that I notice a significant improvement in the appearance of my scar with every use. When my kids say “Mama can we go the park?” and I can smile and say “of course!”, this is invaluable to me. Thank you Hy-Tape!

A review found on Amazon:

I found Hy-Tape while searching for something to protect a scar I have while on a three week tropical vacation. I had surgery and was told I needed to keep my scar out of the sun for one year or it would get very dark purple. My scar is 13 inches, from sternum to pubic bone, so it was either find a way to protect it or no bikinis for me….Hy-Tape solved my problem! For three weeks in the beautiful South Pacific, every morning I carefully applied the tape to the length of my scar and it was 100% protected. It stayed on in water and the hot humid weather and didn’t cause any irritation even with three weeks of use everyday. (I should add that my scar was 6 months old at the time). This tape is awesome! I highly recommend it for sensitive skin.