A Moms Review After Her Daughters Life Changing Surgery

At Hy-Tape we make a point to consistently follow up with our customers. We create new products, change what we have, and learn from the feedback we receive.

The email/review below came from an exasperated Mom whose daughter had endured a very difficult issue and post surgical recovery with her spine. With her permission we are happy to share it.

“My 13 year old daughter, MaKenzie was diagnosed with scoliosis in December of 2017.  After wearing a Boston Brace for 14 months for 18 to 22 hours per day, her two curves continued to worsen.  In February 2019, we were told she would require spinal fusion as her curves had progressed to 52 degrees and 56 degrees.  Being a competitive dancer, she was devastated with the news.  We decided to wait until dance competition season was over before having the surgery, which put us in the summer months.  She had the surgery on June 17th to fuse 11 vertebras from T4 to L3, which left a very long scar on her back.  She was eager to get back up on her feet and start training again and as soon as her doctor gave her the ok, she was ready for the pool.  I did a lot of reading online trying to find a product that would protect her scar from the sun, as her doctor has told us to keep it out of the sun for the first year but still allow her to enjoy being outdoors.  That is when I found Hy Tape.  Being skeptical, yet hopeful, I ordered 15 yards of the tape.   July 1st, two weeks to the day of her surgery, the steri-strips came off and she was ready for a day outside.  I was scared to death to use the tape on such a new scar, but it worked and worked amazingly!  It is waterproof, blocks the sun and is easily removed without pulling or irritating the skin.  She even keeps a roll in her overnight bag for when she is out with friends, she has it available. 

I have attached another picture that was taken 15 days after surgery and the first day she wore the tape.  You can see the scar is newer, but can see the outline of the tape still.  We are true believers and supporters of Hy Tape!!

Thanks for a wonderful product that is helping in minimizing the scar she will carry the rest of her life!”

Below is an actual photo that was sent demonstrating the UPF 50+ sun blocking qualities of Hy-Tape.

This was an email/review that we shared through our office. It reminded us that our customers are people of all ages going through difficult times. Her kind words and the results made us all very proud.

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