Scar Protection and the Outdoors

Scar tissue is thin, under stress, and requires extra attention. While skin is healing, it becomes a lot more sensitive to the harmful effects of the suns ultraviolet rays. That is why it is important to take precautions and be diligent with care while healing.

The sun is one of the leading causes of scars not healing as fast. Sunburn develops exponentially faster on scar tissue. That is why it is important to either wear sunscreen on the area, or protect it with a UPF50+ covering. Clothing while covering the skin, my not block out UV rays. When purchasing clothing for outdoor activities consider clothing with 50+ UV protection. If that is not an option, consider darker, heavier, loose fitting and tightly woven polyester cloths as it will do a better job blocking out the harmful UV rays. All this being said, dark colors will become hotter faster and synthetic fibers do not breath. Also, when clothing gets wet, they lose a degree of UV protection.

For some the best and most comfortable option is to protect healthy skin with a high SPF sunscreen and cover the scarred area with something that blocks UV rays. All this being said, there is no reason why you should not be outdoors enjoying the sun. Steering clear of direct sunlight is not only wise but is necessary, avoiding the sun is even more problematic. Research at the Creighton University School of Medicine in Nebraska shows that safe levels of vitamin D (from the sun) and calcium can reduce your risk of cancer by at least 60 percent.

Hy-Tape is a great solution for covering scar tissue and healing skin. A wound or scarred area that is relatively new, may require either a layer of gauze dressing covered with UPF50+ Hy-Tape. Because Hy-Tape releases gently, there are instances where the tape can be applied directly to the scar. When applied to a clean, dry area Hy-Tape’s zinc oxide based adhesive will hold firm and often times sooth distressed skin. No skin prep or lotion is recommended. Another quality that makes it perfect for outdoor activity is, that Hy-Tape has the unique quality of providing maximum adhesion when it reaches body temperature. Our tape does not get more aggressive or break down over time as some acrylic-based adhesive tapes do.

We have received many reviews, testimonials, and accolades from active users who swear by our products unique qualities. Hy-Tape comes in a variety of widths as well as pre-cut strips and patches that can be used to completely cover a dressing or can be trimmed to cover a difficult areas like around the mouth, in between fingers or joints.

If you have never tried Hy-Tape, we invite you to request a free sample of Hy-Tape by clicking here or call 1-800-248-0101 and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives to see what would best suit your needs.

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Below are two verified Hy-Tape reviews below from Amazon.

Fantastic Scar Protection

“I found Hy-Tape while searching for something to protect a scar I have while on a three week tropical vacation. I had surgery and was told I needed to keep my scar out of the sun for one year or it would get very dark purple. My scar is 13 inches, from sternum to pubic bone, so it was either find a way to protect it or no bikinis for me….Hy-Tape solved my problem! For three weeks in the beautiful South Pacific, every morning I carefully applied the tape to the length of my scar and it was 100% protected. It stayed on in water and the hot humid weather and didn’t cause any irritation even with three weeks of use everyday. (I should add that my scar was 6 months old at the time). This tape is awesome! I highly recommend it for sensitive skin.”

Perfect Sun Protection for New Scars

“I’ve been using this tape over a 5″ inch scar from reconstructive knee surgery for the last 3 months. It’s main purpose was to BLOCK OUT THE SUN and keep my scar from turning purple (which my Dr. warned could happen with sun exposure). The zinc oxide interior lining to the tape is doing just that. I’ve been wearing May-July and so far my scar is healing great and remains pink fleshy color.

EVEN MORE – the tape DOESN’T HURT TO REMOVE or apply, yet it’s WATERPROOF (doesn’t lose an of its stickiness when submerged)! I don’t know who created it, but those two factors combined in one product seems like magic to me. Finally, I’m also shocked at how it adheres with movement. My scar is right over my knee, where I’m flexing and bending all day. Yet, tape stays put. RECOMMENDATION – pull tape pretty taut when applying. Although this thins out the materials a little, it creates a better, more precise stick and then the tape doesn’t bunch up as much. The bunching is natural though for areas where you’re moving often. Thank you to whoever created this. I’m blown away this isn’t more widely known.”