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For veterinarians, trainers, and horse owners, a lower leg injury presents many challenges. Dressings are required to be secure, waterproof, gentle, and flexible. Equine wound caregivers need assurance that the wounds stay free from dirt, waste, outside moisture, and contaminants. In order to do so a wound healing strategy needs to be employed with the proper dressing materials.

In recent years equine wound care has embraced the evidence that moist wound healing is better than frequent dressing changes and open air healing. The concept of moist wound healing is that when wound exudate is allowed to remain on the wound bed, the healing process is sped up at times by more than 50%. Some argue that leaving the wound open exposes it to more oxygen, which is necessary for healing. In a few cases this may be true. Situations where horses are anemic and lack the red blood cell volume needed to deliver oxygen are not suited for occlusive bandaging in order to heal a wound. However, the covered wound on an otherwise healthy horse will receive oxygen enriched blood and fluid to the deepest part of the wound and work its way to the outermost area. Keeping a wound occlusive also decreases the amount of inflammation, itching, and scarring that may occur. It is also true that a moist wound environment reduces the possibility of infection which not only delays healing, but puts the horse in danger of many other issues.

Bandages, Exudate & Dressings for Equine Wound Care

For most applications an occlusive dressing provides the best results. Some worry that occlusion may lead to infection. Truth is, all wounds are colonized with bacteria and the exudate is rich with “good” bacterias that facilitate the core of a healthy healing process.

Dressing a horse has many challenges. Because many of the injuries horses incur are on the leg or hoof, bandages needs to be conforming. The adhesive should be nonreactive to keep the peri-wound tissue from becoming irritated. The dressing needs to be durable and waterproof but allow movement.

Hy-Tape is a great taping solution for equine wound care. Hy-Tape rolls come in various widths and shapes. Our 3” and 4” rolls are ideal for making a bandage completely occlusive. When applied to a clean, dry surface Hy-Tape can adhere for 3-5 days even in the presence of hair and perspiration. Hy-Tape is thin and conforming and it’s elasticity to allow for movement and tissue shifts. 
If you would like to try Hy-Tape, we invite you to call or click here to request a sample. Please describe the application so we can provide you with a sample that best suits your intended use.

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