Hy-Tape for Home Health Use: One Tape, Many Uses

If you work in home health care as a nurse, assistant, or aide, you probably use medical tape every day. Whether for wound dressing changes, feeding tube adjustments, or to simply secure medical equipment, medical tape is an indispensable part of home health care. While there are dozens of medical tapes available each with highly specialized purposes, home health care workers know that the best tape for the job is the medical tape that can do every job.

Hy-Tape is a multi-purpose, home health care tape

If you could only choose one medical tape, consider what features you would want in a tape for use in a patient’s home or non-hospital, long term care setting. 

Hy-Tape holds tightly, but is also gentle

Patients in home health care settings usually have longstanding, chronic, physical ailments or are at the extremes of age. In these individuals, the skin tends to be sensitive and friable (fragile). However, these individuals also tend to have NG-tubes, G-tubes, various catheters and invasive medical devices. You would want to choose a tape that holds firm where it is needed, but also releases without causing trauma to the skin. Hy-Tape is excellent in this regard because it adheres strongly enough to hold dressings, tubes, and catheters in place, but doesn’t get aggressive at higher body temperatures or after longer periods of wear. Using Hy-Tape reduces the risk of skin burns, tears and trauma compared to more aggressive tapes. 

Hy-Tape is soothing, not irritating

Hy-tape contains a zinc oxide-based adhesive, them same molecule that is used in physical sunscreens. Rather than irritating sensitive skin, the zinc oxide actually soothes skin. Since a large number of patients have latex allergy or are at risk of developing it through repeated exposure, if you were going to pick just one medical tape, you would pick one that is latex-free. Hy-tape is completely latex-free.

Hy-Tape rises to the rigors of home health care use

A good medical tape needs to be able to withstand the rigors of home health care setting. The true test of a medical tape is how it performs against blood, sweat, secretions and excretions. If you had to pick just one medical tape, it should be one that is occlusive and that can stand up to water, mild detergents, and bodily fluids. No home health care worker wants to be forced to change tape every time the area gets a little dirty. Hy-Tape is waterproof, washable, and wipes clean with a damp washcloth and some mild soap. This feature of Hy-Tape can extend the time between dressing and securement changes. 

Hy-Tape comes in every form you need for the job

Home health care work would be a lot easier if the home health worker had one or two extra arms. Unfortunately, most of us have just the two, which means direct patient contact is usually a balancing act. If you were going to pick your ideal tape, you would want one that comes in single-use rolls, patches, and precut strips. 

Single-use rolls minimize the risk of transmitting bacteria or viruses between patients. One patient, one roll of medical tape. When used properly, Hy-Tape’s single-use rolls reduce the risk of infection and reduce waste. Use only the tape you need and throw away less or none. 

Hy-Tape patches are great for covering larger areas in a single application. Need to make a dressing completely occlusive? Cover it in a Hy-Tape patch. Alternatively, sometimes you don’t have a free hand to use a pair of scissors to cut a piece of tape to size. Hy-Tape’s precut strips free up a hand when you need it the most.

Hy-Tape can tackle virtually every home health care job

If you need a medical tape for a home health care application, Hy-Tape has you covered. Hy-Tape molds to each body’s unique contours and can be applied across wounds of every shape and size. Hy-Tape also has “memory;” it can accommodate to tissue expansion (e.g. edema, inflammation) and shrinkage (e.g. healing wound contraction). 

Here are just some of the ways that Hy-Tape is the ideal medical tape for home health care use:

If you only buy one medical tape for home health care use, make it Hy-Tape

With so many different types of medical tape on the market, you really don’t have to buy just one type of medical tape. But every home health care worker has dozens, if not hundreds of tasks to perform each day—and sometimes several tasks have to be performed at the same time. Instead of trying to remember what specialized tape is used in each patient care situation, the simplest and likely best approach is to choose one medical tape that can do virtually everything you need. Hy-Tape is latex-free, washable, waterproof, occlusive, holds fast but is gentle on skin and comes off cleanly, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and really is the smart choice for multipurpose, home health care use.