Benefits of Becoming a Hy-Tape Distributor

As a Hy-Tape distributor, you will become the link between the customer and the manufacturer. For over 70 years Hy-Tape has been the most trusted waterproof, latex free, UPF 50+ tape for medical professionals and end users alike. A relationship between your clients and an established brand like Hy-Tape will not only create a trusting relationship, but also increase awareness of other products and services that you may offer.

Hy-Tape offers training and support to all of our distribution partners so sales associates are well informed. You will receive direct training on how to properly use our product as well as carefully crafted marketing materials such as sell sheets, articles, case studies, and white papers that not only are engaging, but educate your potential clients. Our internationally recognized tape excels in many applications opening doorways to new markets and locations.

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All prospective distribution parters are required to complete a credit application as well.