Buyer Beware: Pink Tape, Imitators, & Fresh Zinc Oxide Tape

Shopping around for a product is encouraged, but not all “Pink Tape” is the same.

Hy-Tape is available through distributors, online stores, Amazon, Ebay, you name it, we are probably there. However, there are sellers that either do not care for the product the correct way (see our article on care and storage) or hold onto their stock too long, or in some cases use an imitation product marketed as Hy-Tape or “Pink Tape” which is deceptive and can lead to adverse reactions to the patient. There are several ways to ensure that your purchase of Hy-Tape is a good one and that the tape you have on hand will give you optimal performance.

Hy-Tape is sold in several different ways. Our Hy-Tape rolls are available in tubes that depending on the width of the tape (7 different widths between 1/2″ to 4″) hold 24 to 3 different rolls of tape. We also sell our tape on spools in “Spool Boxes” and in “Bulk Boxes” to hospitals, distributors, clinics and other facilities. There is a sticker that we place on each and every one of these boxes that gives you an Expiration Date, which is the timeframe that we recommend using the tape between in order to experience all of the unique qualities we advertise at their peak. The second number below the Expiration Date is the Lot Number. With the lot number we can track the date it was manufactured, the date it left the plant, the warehouse, and how and where it was transported. Below there are photos of each of out boxes and containers that Hy-Tape is sold in and where the stickers can be found.

If there is ever a question about the quality of your purchase we ask that you please call us with the lot number, the name of the seller, and the issue so we can help track down the issue and do our best to rectify the problem. We are also available to make recommendations as to where you can purchase our product if you choose not to purchase it direct from us either from our web site (click here) or by calling 1-800-248-0101.