Chronic Wound Care: Wound Exudate Assessment and Management

This well-referenced White Paper, sponsored by, describes the categories of exudate and the function of exudate in normal and delayed wound healing. Chronic Wound Care assessment and best practice exudate management are also discussed, including strategies to reduce dressing changes. Hy-Tape medical adhesive, highly rated by health care practitioners, is an effective tool for managing wound exudate. For health care professionals who treat patients with chronic wounds, this guide will provide useful, evidence-based information on clinical wound management with a focus on exudate, including proper dressings and adhesives.

Chronic Wound Care: Wound Exudate Assessment and Management White paper features

  • The Importance of Proper Assessment and Management
  • The Critical Role of Dressings
  • Types of Exudate
  • Helpful Versus Harmful Exudate
  • Assessment
  • Controlling Moisture
  • Frequency of Dressing Changes
  • Adhesion Characteristics
  • Preventing Maceration

Exudate management is essential to the wound healing process. Dressings and medical adhesives can have a major impact on effectively managing wound exudate combined with the management of comorbid conditions.

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