Price Drop: Hy-Tape Precut Latex Free Waterproof Tape Strips

Hy-Tape is a Leading Producer of Latex Free, Waterproof Tape Strips

What sets us apart from other waterproof medical tape is our zinc oxide infused adhesive which can soothe sensitive skin and is especially gentle in cases where repeat or prolonged tape is needed. We created our precut, latex free, waterproof tape strips as a result of nurses, patients, and caregivers feedback and desire for a single use taping option. We have received many positive reviews for providing a taping solution that is very easy to manage for those with feeble hands or who need a compact single use taping option. We’re happy to announce a tape strips price drop.

We have recently lowered the price of our Hy-Tape Strips

Hy-Tape Strips are offered in packs of 4 and are 1.25” x 6” pre-cut, single use tape strips meant to expedite any taping application. Popular applications include securing ostomy devices. Our tape strips are well suited for bordering a wafer when patients want to exercise, swim, or were in need of extra adhesive. Read more.

The strips have all the unique qualities that nurses, patients and caregivers have come to love. Faster and easier to use, patients can quickly secure their devices, picture frame wounds or ostomys without the need to tear from a roll or use scissors.

Possible Applications & Information: