Securing & Waterproofing for Summer Splashes – A Mom’s Testimonial

We receive many testimonials about waterproofing devices prior to swimming but it is not so often that a mom sends us a photo and testimonial with permission to post. This email response made its way around our office and gave us all a little extra boost.

Little Corrine is four years old and like all four year olds, loves to splash in the pool. The difficult part is securing and securing her GJ tube (feeding tube) extension and waterproofing the Broviac catheter. Because Hy-Tape is a preferred waterproof tape for neonate and juveniles who require a waterproof tape on their sensitive skin, we are recommended by many doctors, nurses, and most importantly parents.

From Corrinnes’s Mom:

“Thanks for the follow up! We did like the Hy-Tape sample, it was just too thin for us! I just placed an order for 1.5 inch tape and hoping that will work well for what we need to secure her G-J extensions and waterproof her broviac for summer splashes! 

Thanks for your amazing, like completely outstanding customer service! I have been really blown away by it and appreciate it a lot. Definitely a big factor into why we are ordering and I’ve suggested you to two other moms!

I’m attaching a picture of us using our sample!”

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Hy-Tape is a unique water resistant and washable tape, especially suited for the tender skin of a neonate. It remains intact in the presence of moisture until change is indicated. The zinc oxide based adhesive soothes the skin, aids in the reduction of epidermal stripping and reduces the risk of other injuries. Hy-Tape is particularly indicated for newborns and pediatric patients because it is so gentle to delicate skin. Learn more.

Our gentle and waterproof tape is perfect for helping young ones stay comfortable by keeping the nasal cannula properly placed. Our tape is thin and conforming which makes it less cumbersome than most, but what separates us from the rest is the gentle nature of the adhesive. Hy-Tape is called upon in the most difficult situations, such as times where repeat applications are needed, when water and secretions are present, and when skin is thin or easily irritated. That is when Hy-Tape excels.

  • Latex-free, Zinc Oxide adhesive is soothing & UPF 50+
  • Releases gently to keep delicate skin healthy & happy
  • Hold its own against the busiest of tiny hands
  • Waterproof, so little ones can bathe while wearing oxygen
  • Requires no skin prep or lotion

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