White Paper: Preventing Hospital-Acquired Infections

Controlling Cross-Contamination in Wound Management

Despite advancements in wound care technology and practices, hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) remain a major problem for many healthcare facilities. Approximately 4% of patients of patients in hospitals currently have an HAI, and an even greater number of patients will have an HAI at some point in their stay.1 These infections disproportionately affect the most vulnerable populations, including older adults or patients with compromised immune systems, thus making them a significant risk. Surgical site infections (SSIs) also make up a disproportionate number of HAIs, with an estimated 157,500 current cases in US hospitals.1. To prevent SSIs and other HAIs, it is critical that healthcare professionals understand the risk of infection and how to prevent cross-contamination.

Controlling cross-contamination is key.  We hope you read our latest White Paper.