Swimming and Staying Active with an Ostomy

Swimming, bathing, or opening up to a situation where an ostomy appliance will get wet or completely submerged can be daunting. After a doctor gives permission to start exercising and getting back to recreational activities, patients need to be confident that there will be no leaks or issues that could lead to an uncomfortable position.

There are several options for keeping your ostomy secure. There are specialty belts designed for swimming and getting wet. They may work well, and coupled with a smaller pouch positioned correctly, there is a level of discretion and comfortability that ostomates can depend on. Some ostomy wafers have a waterproof barrier and there are products that add additional layers of protection, however all skin is not the same. Adhesives and moisture can cause terrible skin irritation and infection.

We’ve been privileged enough to speak to doctors, nurses, caregivers, and ostomates about Hy-Tape and how they use it in various situations. Truth be told, it is how we shape our business. The feedback we receive from professionals and end-users help us with new product lines and identify opportunities to help those in need. What we have heard on so many occasions is that many times repeat contact with adhesives, substrates, and products cause serious problems with the skin surrounding the stoma. Because Hy-Tape is latex free and zinc-oxide based, there are little to no skin issues with regard to irritation and allergy based inflammation. What also keeps skin healthy is the fact that our tape holds firm, but releases gently so skin stays intact, even after repeat applications. We’ve spoken to users who are athletic, who swim, and those who require an extra layer of protection. The feedback we get is that because Hy-Tape is thin and conforming, it allows for more mobility and less tape needs to be applied to create a waterproof seal.

It is important to note again that not all skin is the same and we understand that purchasing a roll of tape to try out can be costly, that is why we would like you to try our product for free by requesting a sample by clicking this link.