Bladder Removal Challenges – I never thought I would have tears of joy over tape!

Life after bladder removal or any surgery that requires an iliostomy or ostomy is challenging on many levels. The surgery itself is difficult to recover from, the healing process is a whole other level. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle requires diligence on the patients part as well as the expertise of caregivers. Hy-Tape has been partners with the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) for over a decade. Our tape has proven time and time again to provide patients with the extra level of security when exercising, swimming, or in every day life. Below are a couple of testimonials that point out the versatility of Hy-Tape.

“I was given this tape while recovering from complete bladder removal surgery- this stuff is the ONLY tape that has worked. As you can imagine having a urostomy deals with a lot of acidic liquid (urine) it tends to leak – NOT WITH THIS MAGICAL TAPE!!!! This is the only reason I am able to have a somewhat normal life. Prior to finding this tape I was completely stuck inside of  my home unable to go anywhere for longer than an hour maybe 2, 

I have only used the 1 inch tape I was unaware of the different sizes, I hope to be able to try a few of the different sizes in the future since the location of my stoma is near the belly button area and makes it very hard for bending. I use a ton of this stuff – people like me are very fortunate to have something like this out here. I would recommend this for anyone with a urostomy/colostomy or really anything!” – Hy-Tape User and Fan

Swimming & Exercising with an Ostomy or Ileostomy

Hy-Tape’s latex-free, waterproof, zinc oxide-based adhesive is soothing to delicate skin, and removes without compromising skin integrity. Our tape is perfect for extended ostomy wearing time, adhering securely so the end user can resume normal activities such as walking, exercising, bathing and swimming without worry of detachment.

“Over a period of many years, I tried many combos and products for swimming, snorkeling and paddleboarding. The best I’ve personally found is HY Tape, a zinc oxide completely waterproof tape that is easy on your skin. It is often called “pink tape.” I totally frame my pouch with this covering the paper adhesive. It will not release in the water and you can easily remove when you are finished. I find it superior to barrier strips and less expensive.” – UOAA Member (Hy-Tape User and Fan)

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