Preventative Action Implementing a Skin Tear Prevention Program in Your Facility

Caregivers know, a skin tear can be very costly.

Skin tears are also one of the more common conditions affecting older patients or those on medications such as steroids that make the skin thin. These injuries can be caused by friction, shearing, or blunt force. In most cases skin tears are considered a minor injury, however, skin tears can lead to serious complications and exacerbate existing wounds. Caregivers and facilities are now taking action to ensure that measures are taken to ensure patients stay healthy and in turn, that costs are kept to a minimum. It is critical that health care professionals understand the risks of skin tearing and take preventative action to reduce those risks. By creating a preventative action plan and following best practices, it is possible to lower the rate of skin tearing and keep patients safe. Learn more and read our latest sponsored blog about skin tear prevention post on

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