Hy-Tape for Wound Care and Scar Management

Scars represent the visible remnants of physical trauma, injury, burns, or surgery.

Scar formation occurs during the last phase of wound healing, the remodeling phase. This may be a particularly apprehensive time for the patient, who may experience pain, tightness, or pruritus or may be concerned about the appearance of the healed wound. The formation of scars can take up to one year, over which time the tensile strength of the scar will increase and dermal composition will become more normal; however, it will not ever be the same as before the wound occurred. Despite this, there are many scar management and care techniques that can minimize the appearance of scars and ease any pain or discomfort experienced by the patient, particularly with hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Scarring is a major concern for any patient who has recently experienced a wound. Although some factors can be controlled to optimize the healing conditions in a way that minimizes scarring, others cannot. Some of the primary factors that can be controlled include protecting the area from sun exposure and the elements and providing moisturizing gels or ointments. Hy-Tape’s products are ideal for protecting any type of injury during the healing cycle and minimizing the presence of scars.

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