Management Strategies for New Ostomies

Learning property ostomy management is essential for patients with new ostomies. Dressings and medical adhesives can have a significant impact on managing odor, preventing leakages, and keeping the peristomal skin healthy.

This sponsored white paper describes the many challenges and lifestyle changes facing patients with ostomies. The guide also provides evidence-based strategies for successful ostomy management and prevention of peristomal skin complications, including the role of medical adhesives in maintaining a secure ostomy seal.

Interested in learning how Hy-Tape is the number one choice for ostomates who have sensitive skin or require secondary securement. Click on the links below.

  • Crohn’s Disease, Ostomy, & Stoma Care
    Ostomy surgery is an increasingly common treatment for patients with Crohn’s disease. With over 450,000 people with stomas in the United States and 120,000 new ostomy surgical procedures performed each year, a growing number of patients must contend with the difficulties of stoma management.
  • Common Ostomy Issues & Possible Solutions
    Common Ostomy Issues & Possible Solutions Having an ostomy comes with many challenges. Many of which include those that are part of a normal daily routine. We have compiled a list of some of the most common ostomy issues and challenges that come with having a stoma.
  • Life with a New Ileostomy
    Adjusting to a new ileostomy can take a little time, but understanding how to care for your stoma can make the adjustment much easier. With the right ostomy supplies and ostomy care, you can competently care for your stoma at home.
  • Snorkeling & Scuba Diving with an Ileostomy
    An ileostomy should not prevent you from snorkeling or scuba diving. With the correct materials and some planning a day at the beach can be issue free and fun.
  • Traveling with an Ostomy by Plane
    Traveling with an Ostomy by plane can be stressful. A proper and prepared approach will alleviate many of the stresses involved. We have compiled some of the best practices while traveling via plane.
  • Preventative Skin Care & Ostomy
    Skin Care & Ostomy Prevention is one of the most important components of wound and ostomy care. Factors like hydration, pressure, excessive moisture, cleanliness and erythema can all affect wound healing rate, patient comfort and the incidence of new wounds.
  • Ostomy Video Demonstrations and Testimonials
    There are many resources available for Ostomy patients who are seeking help with their appliance and doing their best to live an active, and normal lifestyle. Learn more.