Ostomy Video Demonstrations and Testimonials

Ostomy Support, Tips, and Testimonial Videos

There are many resources available for Ostomy patients who are seeking help with their appliance and doing their best to live an active, and normal lifestyle. We have posted a few of the better Ostomy support video resources below that were either referred to us through our social media channels or emailed to us from patients who use Hy-Tape. We hope that you find them useful.

The Ostomy Diaries

Amber is the creator of the Ostomy Diaries. She does some really incredible videos documenting her journey with Crohn’s desease. The below video is a great one on leak prevention. She suggests using Hy-Tape to prevent her bag from peeling up. The most popular width for this type of application is the 1.5″. 

The Front Butt YouTuber

Megan is an an Inflammatory Bowel Disease and ostomy advocate. Her goal is to connect and help others who live with these conditions by making real life posts on my social media outlets followed by informational videos and even product reviews.

Check out this video she recorded on How to Keep Your Ostomy Dry in the Shower.

Team Rebecca

Rebecca is an actress/YouTuber who suffered with Ulcerative Colitis for 8yrs before having her colon removed which required her to wear an Ostomy bag. The below video is where she shares her Top 5 Ostomy Products. She has some really great videos – Click here to check them out. 

There are many really great resources out there on YouTube for those dealing with an Ostomy appliance that give real life tips and recommendations for everyday life. If there are some videos that you would like to share with us, please use the contact us page on our Web site and we will post them on social media or send them out in our next newsletter.

Are you interested in trying Hy-Tape on your Ostomy? Click here to request a sample.

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