Podiatrists Trust Hy-Tape

Whether taping a wound or sealing a negative pressure dressing, our waterproof, zinc-oxide based adhesive is strong where it needs to be yet gentle on skin.

Hy-Tape won’t break down over time, so skin remains intact promoting faster healing and reducing infection.

• Latex-free, zinc oxide adhesive is soothing & non-reactive
• Thin & conforming for difficult to tape areas
• Durable, yet flexible, so it’s perfect for extended wear
• Waterproof, washable, & able to resist secretions
• Requires no skin prep or lotion

Below are excerpts from an interview with a 20 year
podiatrist & wound care specialist.

How has Hy-Tape helped your patients?

“Hy-Tape helps improve the lives of my patients in a number of ways. It’s cost effective in that we do not have to use as much tape, it is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause a rash on patients like some traditional tapes will. And, the fact that it is not painful when it is taken off. Hy-Tape is one product that I can count on to not cause pain or allergic reactions to my patients”

How is Hy-Tapes customer service?

“I think their customer service is great…, They always answer the phone & get back to me immediately, I have never had a problem sending me the products I need very fast.”

Is there anything else that you can tell us about Hy-Tape?

“One thing that really impresses me about the Hy-Tape corporation is that it is still family owned after several generations. Many businesses over the years have sold out to larger companies who in turn took the product and made it cheaper and less effective. Hy-Tape has bucked that trend by keeping their original formula intact and even though there are many other individuals trying to made a zinc oxide tape, none of them have the quality that Hy-Tape has.”

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