Resource Center for Wound Care & Product Information

One of our initiatives for the last few years and moving forward is to become a resource center for patients, medical professionals, and care providers. Most of our content involves helping those who have negative reactions to medical adhesives like contact dermatitis,  patients who are very young, or are in long-term care, or require repeat wound dressing applications like those with an ostomy or ileostomy. For almost a decade Hy-Tape has been working with WoundSource as a way to connect with wound care professionals, patients, and providers of medical related products. Throughout the years we have built a library of blog posts, white papers, and product data on the WoundSource web site.

As per the WoundSource web site, provides articles, blogs by industry thought leaders, white papers and other educational resources for wound care professionals. The robust WoundSource database reference is reviewed and guided by WoundSource’s dynamic Editorial Advisory Board, which is composed of leading clinicians, as well as nationally and internationally recognized professionals in the field.

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