Wound Care Product Navigator – Live Webinar

Through our media partner Kestrel Health Information we were given the opportunity to present a webinar and do a live Q & A to wound care professionals, medical distributors, health clinics, and patients. Our goal was to highlight what makes Hy-Tape unique, the various medical adhesives we produce, the applications and uses for our zinc oxide based tape, and to answer questions directly.

Some of the questions that we addressed in our short presentation were:

  • Is Hy-Tape reimbursable from medicare?
    Yes – Hy-Tape is reimbursable. We do not handle  insurance reimbursements here at Hy-Tape, but the forms are easily found online.
  • Where can I purchase Hy-Tape?
    Our tape is available through all major distributors. If you are advising a patient, we often tell them that the best way to buy our tape is directly through us. You can check the date on the tape for our recommended “Use by” date, or call to check on the Lot Numbers included on every package. Outdated tape may not be as effective as a new roll.
  • Is Hy-Tape available through V.A. Hospitals and Centers?
    Veterans can call VA centers to get Hy-Tape and VA centers can call Hy-Tape directly to speak to a salesperson about stocking our product.
  • How long will it take to get my order?
    Most orders are processed the same day and expedited shipping for distributors is often available after we discuss the particulars of the fulfillment process.

Here are a few of the questions that we answered and some that we did not have a chance to answer because of time constraints.

  • Are there ways to make taking care of ulcer’s on toe’s and feet easy for someone who doing it by themselves and on a fixed income thanks for your help and time?
    Yes. We recommend having a discussion with your physician on the proper way to dress the wound. Once the proper method is established, our tape can extend the length of time that the dressing can be held in place which is cost effective. Hy-Tape is waterproof, zinc based (for soothing skin), and releases gently so that complications resulting from poor adhesives won’t result in visits to a wound specialist to help heal injuries resulting from overly aggressive tape.
  • How do you avoid tape tears/skin irritation from the tape edges?
    To remove, start at an edge, lift slightly and peel back slow and low in the same direction the hair is growing. Low angle peels will reduce tension on the skin causing less trauma upon removal.
  • What is the usual expiration or how long is shelf life?
    We recommend using our tape within 18 months of receipt. Click here for our directions for use.
  • How is zinc oxide incorporated into tape? is the zinc oxide visible and does it come off?
    The zinc is infused into the adhesive and is white in color. Very visible, but leaves no residue when removed.
  • Does it endure leakage from body fluids e.g urine?Hy-Tape is completely waterproof and can make dressings occlusive for wiping clean and bathing. Watch our wound care video.
  • Should tape that is past the use by date be thrown away? Or is it okay to use as long as the patient and or clinician knows that it might not perform like normal.
    It is ok to use the tape beyond its recommended use by date however, its effectiveness and resilience can be effected by how it is stored, how old it is, and whether it is a temperature controlled environment.
  • Do you ship to Canada?
    We can ship to Canada, but we recommend going through our distribution parters. Please call us for help 1-800-248-0101.
  • Can Hy-Tape be used on broken or compromised skin?
    It should not be used directly on skin that is broken or compromised. While Hy-Tape is very gentle, precautions should be made on open wounds or newly healed skin.