Contact Dermatitis and Wound Management

Contact dermatitis can be detrimental to the wound healing process. The increased pain, risk of infection, and delayed wound healing time all raise the overall costs of wound care and lower patients’ comfort. During wound management Hy-Tape can reduce the risk of contact dermatitis, and its gentle zinc oxide formula can help to soothe irritated skin. Health care professionals involved in wound care should carefully consider their options when selecting a medical adhesive and ensure that the product they use will not unnecessarily raise the risk of skin irritations.

Caregivers need a gentle, secure, and waterproof medical adhesive that can effectively hold wound dressings, even during exercise or other strenuous activity. A tape that is hypoallergenic and gentle, with a low risk of allergic reaction, and creates a strong, waterproof seal can prevent potential irritants such as incontinence from entering the wound area. Read more on our sponsored blog post on

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