I tested Hy-Tape on my Kids During a Heat Wave

As the Marketing Director for Hy-Tape I have witnessed the many ways that our unique brand of tape has helped patients, casual users, and parents. I can get into examples of how those with ostomies, ileostomies, long term care patients, neonates, and the list goes on, but what I would like to present is a real world trial of the tape that I use regularly on myself, my kids, and push to those who I believe it may benefit.

My girls are 6 and 10. Both in good health and very active. Like most, we are staying home and making the best of things. They take online karate classes, play in the yard, swim in my parents pool, and run around like normal kids. My goal was to see how well our tape stuck to them on an above average temperature weekend. We began Friday afternoon, a couple of hours before karate class. They ran outside with our new puppy, then ate dinner before doing 45 minutes of karate. The next day the temperatures rose to 90 degrees and most of the day was spent in the pool. I made sure to position the tape in areas where there would be friction, and to leave it untouched. Sunscreen was applied over the top of the tape. Hy-Tape is UPF50+ so there was no need to apply sun protection under the tape and reapply. After a day in the pool both girls showered and went to bed with the tape intact. Sunday was a total scorcher. Temperatures soared into the 90s and the humidity was very high. Again we spent most of the day swimming and at the end of the day after toweling off we saw the corners starting to peel.

In conclusion, the experiment lasted over 48 hours and it wasn’t until several trips in and out of the pool after 2 days that the tape started to release. Their skin was healthy, not red or irritated, and had very little residue from the adhesive. Below is a short video compilation of the experiment. I hope that you find it educational and if you would like to try Hy-Tape for yourself, please click this link. In the intended use area, please reference the video and where and what you need to secure of protect and we will send a sample for you to try right away.