Preventing Medical Device-Related Pressure Injuries During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Because of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, health care providers are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout their time at work. Extended wear of respirators, face masks, protective eyewear, and other PPE can contribute to the development of medical device–related pressure injuries (MDRPIs), along with other issues such as acne, itch, and rash, in health care providers. MDRPIs and other PPE-associated issues can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful and can reduce quality of life. Not only that, they can also be dangerous for health care providers.

Facial injuries may prompt health care providers to inadvertently touch their nostrils, eyes, or mouth, thereby increasing their risk of infecting themselves with COVID-19, although this is not the primary way that scientists believe coronavirus is spread.2 In addition, skin damaged by PPE is more prone to viral, bacterial, or fungal infections.3 For these reasons, it is necessary for health care providers to understand what causes MDRPIs, educate themselves on the best ways to reduce the incidence of MDRPIs, and practice these techniques every time they wear PPE.

In our latest WoundSource sponsored white paper we cover:

  • Common Causes of MDRPIs in Health Care Providers
  • How to Prevent MDRPIs in Health Care Providers
  • Five Actions that Health Care Providers can Take During Their Shifts to Reduce the Development of MDRPIs
  • How Hy-Tape can help prevent MDRPIs

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