Wound Dressing & Ostomy Summer Sweat & Waterproofing Resources

Spending time outdoors in the summer will test the adhesives that hold your ostomy, wound dressings, tubes, and constant glucose monitoring devices. Increased activity and higher temperatures will create sweat, and that moisture can cause some adhesives to fail. Waterproof tapes can often times be overly aggressive and hurt the skin during removal. Hy-Tape is the premier latex free, waterproof tape that actually has zinc oxide in the adhesive to keep skin healthy and sooth already irritated skin. Hy-Tape is also rated UPF50+. That is the highest available rating for protecting skin from the damaging UV sun rays that can burn skin and darken scars.

We have collected some articles and resources to help you navigate through the hot weather without compromise.

Scar Protection Outdoors

Swimming, Bathing, and Waterproofing

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